2019-03-13 07:00

Engblad & Co launches Modern Spaces. A sophisticated wallpaper collection which embraces modern architecture and focuses on style conscious homes. This exclusive collection displays a strict minimalism while also giving rooms a soft, refined feel. Modern Spaces gives structure and harmony to every moment of life.

Modern Spaces is Studio Engblad’s latest collection to deliver wallpaper for the conscious customer who allows a home’s architecture, together with their personal style, to define its aesthetic. The collection has a varied palette of geometric patterns, large-scale foliage and calm single-colour designs. Featuring smooth and tactile surfaces, matte and shimmering effects.

“With Modern Spaces, we at Studio Engblad wanted to create a wallpaper collection for the modern, classy home which often has large open spaces and tall windows. The wallpapers serve as a lovely backdrop to decor, furniture and art rather than dominating the room. However, there are some patterns which are more expressive for those who want a more dramatic expression,” says Madeleine Sidemo, Senior Designer, Studio Engblad.

No matter which wallpaper you choose in Modern Spaces, it will frame the expression you want to create, connect and enhance the room’s spaciousness. Wallpapers complement your personal style with well-thought out choices and details that create the right, single feeling. Patterns suit active, social rooms as well as calmer rooms where rest is the focus.

Modern Spaces is launched in the middle of March.

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