Eco Crayon
2016-01-19 07:00

With Crayon, the new collection from Eco wallpaper, what you get is actually more than first glances might suggest. From a distance, your eyes tell you it is pure, warm and natural but most definitely single-colour. Come closer, however, and you may be surprised to see that it reveals much more.

Colour can be mischievous. It not only affects our hearts and minds – it also plays tricks on our eyes. Hidden in the captivating depths of Eco Crayon, this is very much the case.

Over a calm, neutral base, soft crayon strokes have been applied, building layer upon layer and gently encouraging colours to playfully interact. Shift perspective and Crayon’s relief texture plays exciting games with light and colour, presenting unexpected nuances of shade.

Crayons’ creator Lisa Vilhelmson provides an insight into the inspiration behind the collection – “In nature, we’re surrounded by an abundance of colour that creates the visual dynamic that we experience. It is these fantastic harmonies that Crayon tries to capture.”

Created to add contemporary Scandinavian vibrancy and offering a delicate balance of form, material and colour, Eco Crayon effortlessly compliments any sophisticated interior environment.

Eco Crayon will be available in stores from 2016-02-17. The collection will be available in 37 colours.

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