Let your home reflect your personality


Whatever we do and wherever we are, we are always capturing impressions. We are passionate and impulsive. Opening doors to the unexplored – but also to the everyday and ordinary. We travel as much as we can, read more than we have time for and try to experience as much as possible in every situation. We are seekers. And we are inspired by the unexpected. We see small details in the bigger picture and vice versa. We see colours, textures, patterns in everything. We see wallpaper everywhere.

Brand Keywords


Our curiosity, playfulness and light-hearted attutide enable us to always look for the unexpected in life.


Our curiosity drives us to seek inspiration from all over the world and we embrace diversity in every aspect of life

Forward thinking

Our unique design position allows us to think outside the box, always challenge traditional rules and standards.


We have a contemporary approach to life – being here and now. We enjoy the beauty of everyday life and create new expressions and design for today just as much as tomorrow.