Inspiration comes from all directions. The latest trend is to use wallpaper as decoration or instead of art and paintings. In our collections, such as Flora and Linné, we have wallpaper that looks just as good when hung as one length on a wall or a couple of lengths together. Fun stickers and 70’s photo walls have now been given a new lease of life thanks to the technology of modern-day cameras.

Another part of your home that deserves a bold touch is the staircase. It usually has a full-height wall between the floors. Try experimenting there with patterns and colours to create dramatic effects without too much flourish.

Ideas & inspiration

There are good reasons for stripes too. A long, narrow room can be made even longer with horizontally-striped wallpaper. It might be better to hang the stripes vertically – and that’s particularly a good reason if the ceiling is low.

You can easily use wallpaper to create different areas in a rectangular room. Try hanging a few different lengths of wallpaper up the middle of one long wall, continue across the ceiling and down the other side – et voilà, two rooms in one. Your only limit is your imagination.

From plain to large patterns. Scandinavian people are known for being fastidious when it comes to colours and patterns. But these days, the minimalists are being challenged by the increasing number of maximalists who want to bring a more dramatic look to home décor and put patterned wallpaper on not just one wall but on two, three and even all four walls. And really, this is nothing revolutionary. Trends come and go. But contemporary design allows scope for more personal interpretation. Thanks to EasyUp, which doesn’t leave overlapping seams, you can easily revitalise your home. Simple hang the wallpaper over the old. You have to agree, the idea of giving your home a make-over more often suddenly feels more appealing.

So up with the patterns! There is no right or wrong. Be original and individual – there’s a great choice these days. Discover what fun it is to put your own personal interpretation on your walls. The truth is that it can be more relaxing to rest your eyes on a beautiful and inspiring pattern or photo wall than to sit staring at a plain wall. What you choose to hang on your walls should be a reflection of your personality.

Test your ideas in the Wallpaper Guide. You can paper a room as many times and as often as you like there.