Create an accent wall for a theatrical look. You can change the look of the room using a contrasting accent wall to create an exciting background or foreground. Remember that darker shades make the room feel smaller and more intimate by “bringing the wall closer”. A lighter background makes the wall look further off and brings a more airy feel to the room. Think about whether you want the focus on a wall with windows or perhaps a wall behind a settee or bed.

Accent walls & borders

Partition the room into lots of rooms using several accent walls. Create a cosy corner using the same wallpaper on two walls that meet and contrasting wallpaper on the other two. You could also use the same wallpaper on two directly opposite walls and have different wallpaper on the other two.

An accent wall is more daring – in a hallway or a smaller room where you don't spend much time, like a guest bathroom or a walk-in-closet. Completely right too – bolder colours and vibrant patterns bring a kick to these rooms without being tiring. Bear in mind not to choose wallpaper with too large a pattern if you only have small wall areas to cover or if the ceiling is low. The pattern would “disappear”.

Magical borders Get creative and divide up your walls by adding one or more borders. Add dimension by using different wallpaper patterns and colours above and below the borders. Why not transform the room by using a whole roll of wallpaper as a border – perhaps two thirds of the way up the walls. It’s also popular to make picture frames using thin borders straight on the wall. If your ceilings are very high, try painting part of the way down the walls using the same colour as the ceiling, and then add a border where the wallpaper and paint meet. This will visually bring down the height of the ceiling.