This year's most beautiful wallpapers

Harmonious, elegant and with a meditative calm. There is increasing demand for spaces that soothe the soul, helping us to relax and unwind. And, with this in mind, the Global Living wallpaper collection was born.

Inspired by nature’s shifting colours and playful shadow games, the elegant Global Living collection has now taken flight. The collection comprises influences from around the globe – from the desert sands of the Sahara and motifs inspired by traditional Aboriginal tattoos, to calm strolls beneath a bamboo canopy. Designer Madeleine Sidemo reveals some of the thoughts behind the collection:

“This is a very harmonious wallpaper collection, and its calm colour palette is inspired by nature’s own. Nowadays, many of us live in big cities, away from nature and green spaces. But our need for nature’s calm and stillness is greater than ever. With Global Living, we wanted to frame that sense of calm, so that even stressed-out city souls can get to unwind.” 

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How to decorate with Global Living wallpapers

Wallpaper creates a sense of homeliness, providing warmth and texture for a cosy, warm and elegant feel. Nowadays we tend to look for a warm, enveloping feel in our wallpapers, one that frames your interiors rather than stealing the spotlight. This collection’s calm, earthy tones evoke a pleasant sense of stillness, making them particularly suitable for use on all four walls. 

Global Living also features one of autumn’s hottest interiors trends: a raw elegance, where tactile surfaces, natural tones and classy metallic effects all complement each other nicely. To top this off, incorporate some natural textiles, raw surfaces, rattan and ceramics into your interiors. Dare to think big instead of small, with fewer items that make more of a statement. By scaling back and putting the spotlight on fewer furnishings, you will achieve a more harmonious, calming effect. This helps to create the pared-back, stylised, meditative look that the wallpapers in the Global Living collection all capture.  

What to consider when choosing a wallpaper

1. Trust your gut and make a personal choice: our first instinct is often the right one. If you are unsure, ordering wallpaper samples is easy. Leave the sample on the wall for enough time to see it in both daylight and darkness.

2. Work from the current style you have in your home, and choose something that fits well with the other spaces. This could be a colour that reappears in varying shades, or patterns that go well together. All of the colours in the Global Living collection complement one another well. 

3. Apply wallpaper to all four walls for a lovely cosy feel. If you don’t want patterns on every wall, then choose a plain wallpaper that complements the colour and texture of the patterned wallpaper. This helps to create a cohesive whole. 

Good luck!