Eco Wallpaper

Claesson Koivisto Rune

During their work with the new collection for Engblad & Co. the three partners of Claesson Koivisto Rune have come to regard wallpaper with as something that is not only meant to be decorative but that it’s just aproper material to be used as any other tool in the architect’s tool box. Just like anyone with an open mind Claesson Koivisto Rune are always prepared to question anything they have previously taken for granted.

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Here you will find patterns that captivate, glitter, play with the shadows and in some cases even mirrors the past. Eco White Light is a collection entirely in white. But the collection comprises a lot more. Above all, the collection should expresses light and openness on different surfaces and encompasses both old classics that we have modernised, as well as some more unexpected, coloured patterns – with a “whiteified” twist from us.

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This is Eco wallpaper.

The idea behind ECO is to be surprising and to encourage curiosity and an urge to experiment – in a playful way. All this helps to create an interesting home, one unlike any other. We simply want to share our passion for wallpaper that challenges traditional thinking. Welcome – be inspired.

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Wallpapering is easy

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Our wallpaper collection Eco Dimensions features all the natural expressions that capture life as we see it today. From geometric shapes to photo art set and poetic brush strokes. We’ve turned nature and its surfaces into graphic, faceted patterns that are sometimes in watercolours, sometimes transparent, always with a high design level.

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The creative joy in our wallpaper collection Eco Earth is a direct influence by the beauty of nature and its four elements. This is a decorative collection full of exciting surfaces and structures featuring trendy tie-dye and watercolours as well as designs with kaleidoscopic and ornamental effects.

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DECORAMA EASYUP – Natural Beauty

The generous mix of harmonic, bright colours and graphic patterns makes Decorama EasyUp a collection for all the rooms in your home. All 60 prints have the popular EasyUp quality making them hard-wearing, sustainable and just as easy to decorate as they are likeable. Add an extra dimension to your personal style at home with a new, fresh overall impression that creates a pleasant, snug feeling in every room.

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